Tech troubleshooting

If you've run into a problem with our website, we'd love to know about it so we can fix it right away. Please email with as much of the below information as possible:

  1. Go to and press the green "copy" button. Paste the information in your email.
  2. Describe the problem you've encountered.
  3. Attach screenshots that show the URL and the problem, if possible. If you're unable to send a screenshot, you can simply copy and paste the URL(s) you were visiting.
  4. Let us know if you were logged in or not.
  5. Your preferred At Home Store.
  6. Products they were shopping (SKUs are best, but descriptions work, too).
  7. Fulfillment options (store pickup, shipping, local delivery) you may have selected.

Our Customer Care team will forward this information along to our Tech team and we'll work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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