Does At Home plan to open a store near me?

At Home is rapidly expanding! Below is a list of estimated store opening dates.

Location Estimated opening date
Bohemia, NY May 2022 - OPENED!
Rancho Cucamonga, CA May 2022 - OPENED!
Bronx (Bay Plaza), NY May 2022 - OPENED!
Shrewsbury, MA May 2022- OPENED!
Peabody, MA May 2022 - OPENED!
Amherst, NY June 2022 - OPENED!
Long Beach, CA June 2022 - OPENED!
Pleasant Hills, PA June 2022 - OPENED!
Peoria, IL July 2022 - OPENED!
Albuquerque, NM August 2022 - OPENED!
Downers Grove, IL August 2022 - OPENED!
North Haven, CT August 2022 - OPENED!
St. Petersburg, FL September 2022 - OPENED!
E. Northport, NY October 2022
Wilmington, DE October 2022
Arlington Heights, IL October 2022
Fayetteville, GA October 2022
Media, PA October 2022
Delta Township, MI November 2022


If you didn't see your city listed, check this page again in the future.

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