Introducing : Synchrony Pay Later

Pay Later is a simple and flexible payment option that gives customers the power to buy what they need and pay for it over time. Loan amounts can range between $75 and $400 and have 0% APR and no interest.*



Is Synchrony Pay Later different from a credit card?

Yes. Synchrony Pay Later is a single-purchase installment loan, which gives customers the power to make purchases today and pay them off over time in predictable, equal payments. Customers can have more than one Synchrony loan open simultaneously, but each loan is closed when it is paid in full.

How will the customer receive their account number since there is no physical card?

The customer will add the single-use Pay Later virtual Mastercard to their Apple or Google wallet within 15 minutes of loan acceptance and complete their purchase at the register within 24 hours. The account number can be provided to the customer if they call into the Synchrony Credit Center and complete identity verification.

Can a customer have a Synchrony Pay Later loan and an At Home Insider Perks® Credit Card account?

Yes. A Synchrony Pay Later loan is offered to complement the revolving credit product, the At Home Insider Perks® Credit Card, to give customers more ways to pay.

Are customers enrolled in the Insider Perks® program when they apply for a Synchrony Pay Later loan?

No. Customers are not enrolled in Insider Perks® when applying for a Synchrony Pay Later loan.

Do Synchrony Pay Later transactions receive the 10% Back on First Purchase and 5% back on every in-store purchase like At Home Insider Perks® Credit Card transactions?

No. Synchrony Pay Later transactions are not eligible for either benefit of the revolving product.

Can associates assist a customer in applying for a Synchrony Pay Later loan at the register?

No. The customer must complete the application on their own device to utilize this payment method. The entire Synchrony Pay Later loan application process is digital and completed on the customer’s personal mobile device.

Can a customer make additional purchases using their Synchrony Pay Later loan?

No. Synchrony Pay Later loans can only be used to finance the original purchase for which it was opened. A customer may apply for additional Synchrony Pay Later loans to use for future purchases. A customer can have multiple Synchrony Pay Later loans, subject to credit approval.

What happens if a customer is approved for more than their transaction total?

Customers should only request the total amount including taxes, and not any additional funds. If the entirety of the Synchrony Pay Later loan is not utilized in one transaction, the remainder is forfeited and will not be available to use at a later date.

Will the Synchrony Pay Later loan application process require a credit check?

Yes, Synchrony will perform a “soft” credit check at the credit bureau when determining the customer’s eligibility for this loan.

Can customers make a payment on their Synchrony Pay Later loan account in-store?

No. Customers may make payments on their Synchrony account by:

•Providing debit card or ACH transfer information on eService at

•Paying by debit or ACH Transfer with a Synchrony Associate at 844-373-4960

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